Steven C. Diaz

Senior UX/UI Designer—Art Director/Mentor

Steven C. Diaz has been working as a professional creative designer in the Salt Lake Valley for over 15 years. Through this time he has had the pleasure of working alongside some well-known companies and corporations in delivering high quality designs, well-thought out campaigns, and various initiatives to build and develop a better user experience, boost conversions, increase sales and develop interactive designs to increase engagement.

With experience in UX/UI Design, Creative Visual Design, Consulting, Creative Direction and Art Direction, Steven has the understanding and ability to create a better user experience through well thought out layouts and designs, current with up-to-date standards and trends, and visually appealing to your audience.

As an experienced art director and mentor in the design industry, Steven have been able to work closely with creative teams and individuals by building strong relationships and being a mentor that helps lead, teach, inspire and motivate those around him to do their best work and bring their best efforts to the table.

UX/UI Design
Art Direction
Mentoring & Teaching

Case Study.

September 2021—June 2022

Savage was in the process of developing a new Environmental Tracking Services(ETS) application, and the scope and vision of this application required resources they have never utilized before on any project before. UI/UX was one of those resources.

The first thing I was told when starting my UI/UX contract with Savage Services was that their employees and field workers live by the motto of “Get the Job Done“, and I decided to live by that same motto.

New Application

Developing a new ETS application was needed for Savage to simplify processes throughout the company. What started as a company that only hauled and transported coal, developed into a company that had their hand in many different areas. The recently acquired Environmental Sector (Enviroserve) provides emergency response, environmental remediation, and waste management solutions for Customers across the United States. When Savage jumped into this field, they used different platforms from other applications, software, and processes to track and manage their jobs and projects. The solution and goal was to bring all of these systems into one application to provide easier workflows, processes, and completion of sensitive projects.


  • UX/UI was never utilized in the development of the Environmental web & mobile app for Savage Services.

  • Inventory of waste, trucks, dumpsters, and large equipment was not effective and items were being lost and unaccounted for.

  • Needed many simpler and productive workflows to encourage fieldworkers to track jobs, keep inventory, track approvals, create action items, and track waste management as Savage Services requested.




Based on insight after user testing and white boarding,  I created various low-fidelity wireframes and mockups to show simpler workflows and processes. Throughout testing on wireframes, it showed most processes and workflows could be more condensed and would improve efficiency throughout fieldworkers and staff.

Typography & Colors

The current design and UI of the ETS application lacked many design basics and fundamentals that allows for a better user experience. There were various different fonts being utilized, colors were washed out in brighter outdoor situations, there was no contrast between elements to allow for visual hierarchy, and was in desperate need of a new refreshing look.

I utilized the use of Open Sans to allow easier reading, and keeping the font simple to be used for both headers and body copy. The darker blue color allowed better contrast in usability. The splash of accent colors of purple, orange, and other brighter colors allows quick visual understanding of what actions should be made and how to accomplish a task.


From the results of user testing on wireframes, feedback on colors and concepts, it was a creative dream to be able to take the new assets and concepts and implement them into final designs.

The process had me design for mobile first, since thats where the majority of the users will be using the application, then moving on to desktop views. After final designs were approved, I took the initiative to code the mobile view in basic HTML and CSS to give development a head start on styles, code, and layout.

Overall, I was pleased with the outcome of the final application. Early results showed improvement in Action Items being completed, Jobs being approved and completed, and an overall excitement of easier ways of allowing field workers to “Get the Job Done”.

“Steve brought a fresh perspective to our product team, which led us to do a full redesign of the application that we were building. During that process, Steve worked well with the team and contributed from the beginning to implementation. He always listened carefully to the feedback his designs, and would simply resolve to find a better approach to the problem.

Ultimately a recommendation like this comes down to one question: Would I want to work with Steve again on another project? Without any hesitation, I say yes.”

Tyler Snarr, Savage Services


STG Consulting
Senior UI Designer

• Current contract of working as a Senior UI Designer for Savage Services
• Developing UI design for new ETS web app to be used in the field with agents
• Mentor and provide direction to developers on functionality and usability of new ETS web app.
Senior UI/UX Digital Designer

• Develop and design various landing pages and email campaigns to be used in marketing campaigns for clients inside the brand.
• Design various digital pieces to support clients and businesses marketing needs.
• Collaborate alongside other creatives and project managers within to discuss creative direction, concepts, ideas to help achieve goals within the company.

TestOut Corp.
Senior Art Director—Senior UX/UI Designer

• Provide creative assets for marketing campaigns to be used across all education segments within the company.
• Develop and design various landing pages and email campaigns to be used in marketing campaigns.
• Provide Art Direction on various campaigns with giving direction on photoshoots, pitching campaign concepts and following through with implementation.
• Provide direction, education and mentoring those inside the creative team.
• Develop and maintain a new marketing website for our sales and customers to utilize.

Mountain America Credit Union
Senior Digital Designer—Senior UI Designer

• Collaborate with project managers and channel managers to provide design for marketing needs.
• User test email marketing campaigns to provide a better experience and result for marketing communication.
• Provide Art Direction on various campaigns with giving direction on photoshoots, pitching campaign concepts and following through with implementation.
• Design printed and online materials to be placed within various branches of the company and online.
• Work alongside the digital web team and online mobile team to provide assistance in web needs of UX and UI design.

Deseret Book Corp.
Senior UX/UI Designer—Senior Graphic Designer/Art Director

• Overlooked design and consistency of the companies brand throughout all campaigns.
• Art Directed many advertising campaigns, video productions, radio spots and tv spots to promote product.
• Managed a team of designers and gave them direction on projects, encouraged growth and helped develop their skills through mentoring and education.
• Designed and developed landing pages, websites, and HTML emails and marketing collateral to be used throughout the Deseret book companies.

Eagle Gate College
Adjunct Design Instructor

• Instructed students in various classes while they work towards their degree.
• Assisted in developing the curriculum for current students.
• Mentored students in life challenges that the will face in the design field.
• Instructed classes such as HTML, Motion Graphics, Typography, Photoshop, Indesign.

Web & Graphic Designer

• Designed and managed over 100 corporate and client websites.
• Edited and produced many client video testimonials to be put online.
• Worked in the SEO department to help rankings and search results for the company.


Steven C. Diaz

Senior UX/UI Designer—Art Director/Mentor

“I had the pleasure of working with Steven on numerous projects and initiatives. Three words that best describe his work is: dedication, passion, and creativity. Steven approaches every project with a high degree of dedication and attention to detail.”— Chad B.  Information Security Leader

“Steven was amazing to work with on so many projects and tasks. He would handle pressure and deadlines professionally, and does not let those stresses compromise his design. I recommend Steven for any project where professionalism and talent are needed.”— Danielle F. Director of Marketing, Master’s in Professional & Strategic Communication

“Steven was a joy to work with. How he followed up after the design was completed and his personal touch and professionalism was so enlightening! The best thing about Steven, is that he would make sure everything was perfect and what you expected.”— Olivia B.  Business Owner, Realtor